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Research has shown that 85% of people that have moved abroad are successful in creating a better life and more opportunities for themselves and their families. Register now and start your emigration journey.

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Immigration Paths we support

We provide support for emigrating through multiple paths.


Emigrating as a student is a valid path. Certain countries provide post-degree work visas which lead to a permanent residency path.


Skilled workers are in demand in certain countries. The countries prioritise applications based on education, age, work experience etc.


Certain countries encourage entrepreneurs to emigrate to their country because entrepreneurs create businesses, which in turn create jobs and add to the tax revenue of the countries. People gifted in the arts or sciences are also in demand.


Some countries provide a path to residency and citizenship for equity investors, real estate investors, and for donations to specified development programmes.

How it works

Your Profile

You complete a 5 minute questionnaire providing us with your personal, academic and professional profile.

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We take all the information you have provided and run it through our AI system to determine which of the over 200 immigration paths are applicable to you.

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We present you with the best options which you have the highest chance of success in emigrating to. You choose the immigration path you would like to proceed with.

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Bespoke Guidance

We create a customised immigration action plan for you with checklists and action points for you to tick off on your application journey.

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Expert Answers

Our team of qualified immigration experts are on hand to answer all the questions you have about the documentation required and each step during your immigration journey.

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  • Discovery
    • $ 50 ONE TIME FEE
      • 30+ country review
      • Bespoke Emigration report for one Emigration route
      • FREE for early access users
      • Delivered in 5 days

  • Premium
    • $ 100 Per Month
      • 30+ country review
      • Bespoke Emigration Guidance Plan
      • 24/7 Access to Immigration Experts
      • Goal Setting sessions
      • Monthly Progress check-ins


What some of our early users say

“I never knew I could be eligible to emigrate to so many countries. I am now considering Austria as my future residence.”


Bayo A
– Lagos, Nigeria

“I already knew which country I was going to move to, however MuvAbroad has helped me create a step by step plan for how I can achieve my dream. Thank you !”


Kwame Y
– Accra, Ghana

“Knowing I have access to an expert based in the country I am considering applying to who can answer any questions about the application process puts my mind at ease. I am about to submit my Canadian PR application and I expect I will have many questions as the process goes on”


Grace O
– Abuja, Nigeria

Some of the places we can help you emigrate to

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